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Gone in a generation

The Washington Post uses research on storm surge from marine sciences professor Rick Luettich in this interactive story.  The Washington Post

New Ideas, Information and Inquiry courses explore broad topics across disciplines

First-year and transfer students can sign up for five new pilot courses in spring 2019 that address broad topics and are team-taught by outstanding faculty members across three different disciplines. Pictured is a large classroom with a student looking toward the professor and other students in the background.

The College of Arts & Sciences will offer five new courses in spring 2019 to pilot-test a new core offering being proposed for the General Education curriculum. These broadly interdisciplinary courses expose students to new ideas, new modes of inquiry and essential skills.

Major Milestones in the College of Arts & Sciences

Milestone Moments in the College of Arts & Sciences—an infographic timeline 1795: Students: 41 Faculty: 3 Departments: 2 Illustration of Hinton James, the first student to arrive at UNC. Illustration from 1935 Yackety Yack yearbook.

As the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill looks back on its 225-year history, the College of Arts & Sciences is also reflecting on the College of the past. Although the College of Arts & Sciences that we know today wasn’t formally established until 1935, a strong liberal arts education has been at the …

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