UNC Awards $978,122 in Study Abroad Support to 212 Students

Boat Quay and Central Business District, Singapore

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has provided $978,122 in scholarships, fellowships and program support to 212 undergraduate students pursuing study abroad programs in spring, summer and fall 2018, and year-long programs during the 2018-19 academic year. Funded by private gifts to the College of Arts & Sciences, the awards enable students to study outside the U.S. for a semester, summer or year.

Thirty-six percent of Carolina undergraduates study outside of the United States before they graduate, one of the highest study abroad rates among U.S. public universities. The Study Abroad Office in the College offers more than 400 programs in 70 countries.

“International education has a meaningful influence on the academic and professional paths that students take,” said Jason Kinnear, interim associate dean for study abroad. “With the generous support of alumni and friends, we are able to increase access to global opportunities for all of our students at Carolina.”

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Story by UNC Global