Lycan to deliver American Philosophical Association lecture

UNC philosopher William G. Lycan will deliver the 2014-2015 Sanders Lecture at an upcoming meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA).

Lycan is the William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor in the department of philosophy.

The Sanders Lecturer is selected by a special APA committee. It was established in 2013 “to honor a distinguished scholar in philosophy of mind, metaphysics or epistemology who engages the analytic tradition.”

Lycan is the author of more than 170 articles and seven books, including Logical Form in Natural Language (1984), Knowing Who (with Steven Boer, 1986), Consciousness (1987), Judgement and Justification (1988), Modality and Meaning (1994), Consciousness and Experience (1996) and Real Conditionals (2001).

His research interests are philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and linguistics, epistemology and perception. Additional interests include metaphysics, early 20th century philosophy, ethical theory and theory of art criticism.

Most recently, he taught an honors introduction to ethics course and a graduate seminar on idealism. He has been at Carolina since 1982.

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