Biology society honors Jones for plant science outreach

The American Society of Plant Biologists (APSB) has honored Alan Jones with one of four ASPB Education Foundation Award Grants for Plant Science Outreach.

Jones, the George and Alice Welsh Distinguished Professor of Cell Biology, will use the grant to develop a resource for elementary and secondary school students, with Jane Ellis of Presbyterian College. As plants are underrepresented in K-12 instruction, the 12 Principles of Plant Biology Coloring & Activity Book and Evaluation Tool will help to engage preschoolers and young children in plant biology through fun pictures developed to reflect key science content and quality artistry.

The ASPB’s Education Foundation is designed to provide information and education to increase the public’s knowledge about the role of plants in all areas of life. Its main activity is its grants program, which funds projects of the society’s members that can help the public understand the importance and roles of plants in various ways, as well as the developments, contributions and careers associated with plant biology.

Jones joined the UNC faculty in 1986.  His research currently focuses on signal perception and the regulation of growth and development in plant cells.

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