Love 2.0

[youtube][/youtube]What if everything you know about love is wrong? In a new book, UNC psychologist and positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson draws on science to give voice to the body’s definition of love. She rethinks love from the ground up.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do and Become (Hudson Street Press) offers a balance of digestible science and practical tips, including best practices for creating micro-moments of love, some that require just one minute every day.

“The love you do or do not experience today may quite literally change key aspects of your cellular architecture next season and next year — cells that affect your physical health, your vitality and your overall well being,” Fredrickson says.

Fredrickson is the Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology (PEP) Lab in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

“Barbara Fredrickson puts a new twist on love, illuminating how we can transform our lives by extending love to all of humanity — including ourselves,” says Kristin Neff, author of Self-Compassion. “Based on solid research yet written in an easy-to-read manner, this book is full of practical exercises that can help the reader learn how to love more fully.”

Read more about the book and check out this interview.

[ video by Mary Lide Parker ’10 ]