Senior named Young Ambassador for German studies

The German Academic Exchange Service has named senior Michelle Lucas a 2012-2013 Young Ambassador.

The Young Ambassadors Program recognizes undergraduate students who have recently studied abroad or interned in Germany. At their home institutions, they promote studying in Germany, acting as a liaison for the organization also known as Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

Lucas, a German studies and geographic sciences information double major with a minor in aerospace studies, studied abroad at Universtät Mannheim in Germany in the fall of 2011. She had previously lived on an army base in Germany as a child, which prompted her desire to return.

She said she appreciates the honor, as there are a limited number of Young Ambassadors, and not every university is represented.

“After a semester of living in Germany, I had learned and understood more about Germany’s culture and the way of life than could ever be taught in a classroom back in the States,” she stated in her Young Ambassador profile.

“Study abroad is not just visiting and touring another country; it’s living it, experiencing all aspects, and becoming a part of the society for your time there.”