Study Abroad Office Announces New Programs

January 13, 2012 UNC Global News

The Study Abroad Office at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which offers students more than 300 programs worldwide, has recently announced new programs in global regions ranging from Brunei to Cuba to Senegal. The new programs include semester and year-long options along with several new programs for Summer 2012.

  • University of Havana – A direct-enrollment Spanish-language program for the spring semester, allowing students with advanced language skills to directly enroll in classes at the University of Havana in Cuba.
  • Venezuelan Aspects of the African Diaspora – A UNC faculty-led program in Higuerote, Venezuela – an eight-week summer program which features a course on intangible cultural heritage in the Afro-descendant community in the Barlovento region and a Spanish language course.
  • UNC Department of Exercise and Sports Science program, Beijing – A six-week summer program in Beijing, designed for students pursuing careers in sports healthcare or students interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the philosophies of eastern and western healthcare.
  • UNC Language and Culture summer program – A six-week summer program in Dakar, Senegal, comprised of a Wolof language course as well as West Africa culture, literature and history courses.
  • Civil Society, Globalization and Development program in Durban, South Africa – A six-week summer program focusing on the economic and political developments in South Africa
  • UNC Summer Program at Mansfield College, Oxford – A six week advanced undergraduate seminar taught by UNC-Chapel Hill and University of Oxford faculty scheduled to begin in summer 2013

The UNC Study Abroad Office has a library with information about many of its programs worldwide. The library is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Students are encouraged to meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss program options that provide the best fit with their academic objectives. A full list of approved programs is available online.